“Marlon Chaplin has just released his EP, Wanderer By Trade and it’s a brilliant one. When the first song ‘In Stars’ came on, it felt like there was a giant party in my room – like I was surrounded by the very best music of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.”

– Eric Alper (Host of SiriusXM’s That Eric Alper Show)

“I love when a friend pulls a tune (In Stars) out of their rucksack that separates them from anyone else in the scene in the best way possible. Meet Marlon Chaplin.”

– Derek Downham (musician/producer – Kevin Drew, Serena Ryder, Andy Kim)

“Marlon’s 6 song EP is simply epic. Each track is unique and takes you on a transient journey, my favourite song of the EP has to be Skeleton Key. The journey this song takes you on is simply mind blowing and leaves you immersed in a musically bound place, curious as to where the next song off the EP will take you.”

– Music Hour UK

“Wanderer By Trade is a folk/roots album that Marlon recorded with members of Zeus, Lemon Bucket Orkestra and the Skydiggers. I hear celtic and country bits along with the overall rootsy feel and the influence of Jack White. There’s strong passion in Marlon’s voice and excellent songwriting. The musicians echo the emotion of the songs in their dynamic playing, and the album’s energetic off-the-floor production reinforce the entire vibe.”

– One In Ten Words

“Overall the album, “Wanderer By Trade”, reflects the story-teller and emotive performer that is Marlon Chaplin, against an elemental musical background of guitar, drums, piano, fiddle and the occasional synth and backing vocal. A raw, honest and unembellished body of work that is clearly and conceptually played with the heart and soul we are coming to expect from this talented multi-instrumentalist, composer, poet and producer.”

– Listen Up Indie!

“Compelling Black and white footage of Marlon Wandering alone through the streets of New York City on an autumn day beautifully underscores the emotionally rich themes of the song (Skeleton Key).”

– Live In Limbo